Sunday 9 March 2008

21 Duignan Street, Cairns

There's some rough treatment going on for the neighbours around Duignan Street, Whitfield.

A Blue Heeler (artist's impression, right) is causing a number of neighbours to go barking mad.

And this is no ordinary woof.

The dog in question has connections to high office. This one, we'll call him Arrow Gant, barks some days, presumably when left alone, and not on others. There used to be two woofers, the neighbour's think.

But Arrow Gant, just goes on and on and on and on.

"When a pet barks consistencty, it's is a sign of a pet under stress or simply not looked after," says Cairns 1st's Paul Matthews.

Sources said that the woofers owner caused grief at his last residence in Redlynch, but this could not be confirmed at time of going to print.

It all started in 2006, a Whitfield resident was investigating the source of a new, and very persistent, barking in her neighbourhood. She was shocked to find it was coming from the house into which our esteemed Mayor, Kevin Byrne, had recently moved.

The irony is that one of the main reasons for complaints to Council is barking dogs. Two years on and the woofing continues and the neighbours are fed up.

The neighbours who filmed the above video over the weekend, say that Arrow Gant barks every hour between 10-15 minutes consistency.

This from the Cairns City Council website:

  • Environmental Protection Regulation 1998

    Part 2A Environment Nuisance
    6T Noise emission criteria

    (a) The noise is made for more than a total of 6 minutes in any hour from 7am to 10pm on any day; or
    (b) The noise is made for more than a total of 3 minutes in any 30 minutes period on any day after 10pm or before 7am.

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Anonymous said...

My own dogs were reported to the Council for "excessive barking" and I had a Council person come and park outside and monitor them for several days. His findings were my dogs barked for five minutes whenever anyone walked past the footpath of my home or parked a car at the front of, or alongside my property. He explained to me that this was allowable dog behaviour.
I don't know whether "Arrow Gant" has the same behaviour, but I thought I would pass on this information anyway.