Thursday 13 March 2008

What is the Mayor hiding?

The Cairns Ratepayers Action Group visited the Mayor's office at 3:30pm yesterday afternoon, to collect the Mayor's Statutory Declaration on his business interests. Here's the response:
  • Hello Kevin,

    Thank you for the mention while being interviewed yesterday by Pat Morrish on ABC Radio ... "a notorious trouble maker" .

    You must be mellowing old soldier. Coming from you, that's a compliment compared to the way you denigrate people who disagree you. Perhaps ABC should do a survey of what people of Cairns call you?

    As you know visited the Council office yesterday at 3.30 pm to collect your statutory declaration, remember the one you mentioned to Pat Morrish on ABC radio yesterday.

    It was disappointing you weren't in to give me your famous two fingers salute, and your mate John Hawkes, acting CEO, was supposedly in a meeting.

    You said on ABC your Pecuniary interest declarations in the Cairns City Council register were audited late last year and that the register accurately reflects your current interests. Who did the audit ?

    Kevin lets not continue with your smoke and mirrors games ... your ASIC recorded interests, within various time frames, do not tally with your declarations.

    our latest declaration may be accurate only because you have changed things.

    Let's take one example... you have never declared your interests in Brydale Pty Ltd registered 19/08/05. You were the sole director. Are you are trying to say that just because you "sold" your shares to a mate before the audit last year that your declarations are true?

    Give us a break, you're not fooling anyone.

    Your Statutory Declaration should be in the following words ...

    I Kevin Michael Byrne declare that during all my tenures as Mayor my declarations in Cairns City Council Registers of pecuniary interest were a true record of fact.

    You have been given a reasonable time. Please comply with the law and be transparent with the people of Cairns ... NOW.

    John Babet
    Cairns Ratepayers Action Group

Here's the full interview on ABC's Far North yesterday morning:
BYRNE ON Pat Morrish ABC Wednesday March 12th


Anonymous said...

Bye Bye big Kev, perhaps Port Moresby, Manus Island or Siberia will be open to your charismatic charm, and "develop at any cost" philosophy.

Anonymous said...

Its rumoured that a certain Qld ex Mayor may "take a runner" soon to avoid embarresed humilation .

Anonymous said...

King Boob ever the typical bully and never one to show courage hides behind the battlements and his troops