Monday 3 March 2008

Sustainability lunchtime forum today

It will be a mayoral candidate's forum without the mayor today.

CAFNEC's ‘Vision for Our Future’ forum will focus on 'sustainability', runs from 12-1.30pm at the Courthouse Hotel in Abbot St. Pat Morrish from ABC Far North will facilitate the meeting.

The candidates will be quized on ecological sustainability, and their vision for achieving this within the next 20 years.

Land use planning; public transport; climate change; natural environment; energy and water, are all

Mayor Byrne has turned down the invitation to meet the community and discuss sustainability. Instead, he will save a few carbon emissions by having a pie at the ground floor Council staff cafe.

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Anonymous said...

Remember big Kev, every pie adds cms to your waist hip ratio, which is exponentially increasing into the obesity category. Too many pasta lunches has the same result!

Heart attack here you come!!!