Saturday 1 March 2008

Seen in Edge Hill


Anonymous said...

did someone do something to that sign? I can't spot it!!


Anonymous said...

Yes its been photoshopped, the attempted smile is a fake.

Anonymous said...

Whilst I may oppose many of the things our Mayor stands for, as is my Democratic right, I must express my disappointment at this most obnoxious defacement.

Clearly the person who perpetrated this act has no REAL understanding of the Nazi era, and has never walked, as I have, the barbed wire perimeter, and the recreated buildings, of the memorial at Dachau or others of it's like.

Perhaps if they did, they would understand, and appreciate, the freedoms that allow them to comment, and to understand what would have happened to them under the Fascist regime they so willingly use as mockery.

Whilst caricature, and political commentary are an essential part of our freedom, what is displayed here steps "over the line".

Pete Johnston

Independent Candidate

Division 10

Anonymous said...

Well said Pete ...

But don't worry, KB doesn't bother with this blog.
Neither does Terry James or any of the other Unity Party supporters.

In fact, I believe that I'm the only one that bothers to read it ... and that's to keep some factual balance.

You should now ask if Val approves of Michael Moore putting this crap on his blog.

But don't worry again. He will pull this thread shortly, just as he pulled the joke he made up about Kevin's wife, Amanda.

Val didn't approve.

Anonymous said...

Whilst I do find this moderately humourous I do agree with Pete that it is in bad taste. I will go one step further than that, I believe the days of political candidates roadside signage over.

They are dangerous litter, Drivers should be keeping their minds on the road and other users NOT who to vote for in the next election.

Election signs are SO tacky! am going to vote for the candidate that DOESN'T use them. Oh and Factman... You are still a twit.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if Factman set up a blog for his/her beloved Unity (Liberal) Party there would be such open discussion of issues as is allowed on this site. If he/she did then we all could be little Factmen/women and write into it. Heaven knows, there would be enough about this Council we could write about!

Anonymous said...

To Peter Johnson, political expression today is severely limited in China. There isn't any need to hark back to Nazi Germany, but a real need to point out that China still is a repressive and cruel dictatorship however much certain Cairns businesspeople LOVE Chinese money.

Anonymous said...

factman, aka kbcumbreath, u r such a f**king dikwad!