Tuesday 11 March 2008

The real monkeys at the circus


Anonymous said...

We, the people of the Cairns Region, deserve better than "Byrnism" (bigbrotherism)
... we deserve to have our elected representatives be "servants" not "self servers".

"Byrnism" represents the old dark energy from which we are hopefully emerging ... the new light energy will be heralded next Saturday if sufficient of us awaken to the fact that the "price of Freedom is eternal vigilence" on our part.

We need to reclaim our People power,otherwise we will continue to pay the price of our apathy over recent dark years ... lets not repeat our mistakes ...
WE DESERVE A CHANGE FOR THE BETTER ... Lets turn on the Lights. ... Cairns Ratepayers Action Group (CRAG)

Anonymous said...

The good thing about the Current Council Circus is that it is about to leave town, evicted no less.

Take a look at their performance......

Cr M Gill.....has left the stage because she had enough of the ring master,

Cr A Blake..caught up in web of corruption allegations,

Cr M Cochrane...told she was not jumping high enough and had to leave the touring party,

Cr Jeff Pezzuti.....with all his wonderful performances had enough of the antics of the ring master,

Cr F Lindsay....left the touring circuit because her views were no in keeping with the double standards of her ring master.

Cairns people have had enough of this organ grinder. It is time for a new act in town!!!