Thursday 6 March 2008

Chaser coming to Cairns

The Chaser team is taking a break from television in the first half of the year to perform live around the country in The Chaser's Age Of Terror Variety Hour.

They'll be in Cairns in April.

Tickets are selling fast, so be warned - you may find yourself surrounded by Chaser fans if you make the mistake of walking outside the wrong theatre at the wrong time. Or even worse, actually booking and coming. Don't risk it.

But enough attempts at ironic self-deprecation... in fact, if you know The Chaser at all, you'll know that any pretence at modesty on our part is very much feigned. If you liked the TV show you'll probably like the stage show.

It'll be fun, and you may get to meet some undercover ASIO officers.

And if it isn't fun, you can wait outside the stage doors and throw rotten vegetables at us. You can't do that with a television show now, can you?

For more information about the show see the website.

Cairns Cairns Civic Theatre
Friday 11th and Saturday 12th April, 7pm
Bookings: ticketLINK
Tel 07 4031 9555
Click here to book online

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Anonymous said...

Wonder if they can chase big kev south ?