Thursday 6 March 2008

CEC fined $300 for run off

This information from Cairns City Council gives us more insight into the main cause of the possible collapse of CEC.

Council have been brutal in their determination of the fine amount. CEC are probably very glad they did not get a parking ticket as well, as it would have doubled the amount they have to come up with. Possibly we may see another share float to cover it.

----- Original Message ---------------------------------------------
From: Steven Nowakowski, Save False Cape
To:, Cairns City Council Town Planner
Cc: Ingrid Minnesma ; Cr. Kevin Byrne; Cr. Fran Lindsay;
Sent: Tuesday, March 04, 2008 12:03 PM
Subject: Did CEC Group get fined over sediment runoff.?

Hello Peter,

How are you?

I am unaware of any fines against CEC Group for sediment run-off [at False Cape], however, some people have said to me that they were fined.

Can you clarify this with me and tell me how much CEC Group have been fined if they have?

Thanks Peter and have a nice day.

Steven Nowakowski

From: Steven Nowakowski
Sent: Wednesday, 5 March 2008 3:39 PM
To: Tabulo Peter
Cc: Cr. Fran Lindsay; Ingrid Minnesma; Cr. Paul Gregory
Subject: Did CEC Group get fined over sediment runoff.?

Hello Peter,

Can you please respond to this request below. I have phoned the council four times already about this issue and I am not getting any answers. In fact I cannot reach any of you.! Can we please have an open and transparent council and can you please answer the below question. Were CEC Group fined for allowing sediment run-off from the False Cape site. A 'yes' or 'no' is sufficient and a dollar amount would be helpful.

Fran, perhaps you can help me here.?

Thanking You,

From: Peter Tabulo , Cairns City Council Town Planner
To: Steven Nowakowski
Cc: Cr. Fran Lindsay; Ingrid Minnesma ; Cr. Paul Gregory
Sent: Wednesday, March 05, 2008 4:22 PM
Subject: RE: Did CEC Group get fined over sediment runoff.?

Steve I believe I have shown to you in recent time my preparedness to provide open communication to you on this matter.

I try to give all the emails I receive a similar standard of reply but as I receive on average at least 50-60 a day I am not going to respond to multiple questions about the same topic, when I have other aspects of my job to perform away from my computer.

I was aware you had made contact with other officers yesterday and was of the view that a response had been provided. If such was not the case, let me advise that CEC were fined under the EPP water and the amount was $300.


From: Steven Nowakowski
To: Peter Tabulo, Cairns City Council Town Planner
Cc: Cr. Paul Gregory; Ingrid Minnesma ; Cr. Fran Lindsay
Sent: Wednesday, March 05, 2008 4:30 PM
Subject: [SaveFalseCape] Re: Did CEC Group get fined over sediment runoff.?

Thank You Peter,

I understand you have a stressful job and you may have to reply to 50-60 emails a day. I'm sorry to have added to that stress by sending you four emails in the whole of your career at Cairns City Council.

I'll try not to hassle you again.

Kind Regards,
Steven Nowakowski


Anonymous said...

Our Council is a complete farce and must go come 15th March.
Just goes to show you that their 5-star environmental credentials that Councillor Free-for-all banged on about in the Cairns Post (08-09-2007), saying that "This Council has done more for the environment....and has 5 stars for its achievments." are a load of crap, and their actions tell a very different story.

Clearly, by passing this development in the first place against a huge wave of public protest based on commonsense and the uniqueness of False Cape is evidence enough of the rot that is entrenched in our Council. The fining of CES only a piddly amount of $300 for gross environmental damage caused to this unique and remote site and now abandonment of the site totally, shows the systemic corruption and favours to their developer friends.

This situation really stinks and gets worse by the day! The ratepayers of Cairns should not have to fit the bill for restitution works and restituted it must be.

Anonymous said...

Well, that Nowakoski is a bit of a t*ss eh?

Sent the first email Tuesday and then badgering him by Wednesday?

There's a point where interest turns to sick obsession..