Sunday 6 January 2008

Robert Pyne takes his campaign to YouTube

In a Cairns local council election first, Robert Pyne, candidate for Division 3 and son of former Mulgrave and Cairns Mayor Tom Pyne, has launched his first message via the worldwide video portal YouTube.

YouTube was highly successful in disseminating messages and policy to a mass audience throughout the Rudd Labor Federal campaign.

Along with visiting almost every street in his area to date, Robert is also well-versed to electronic communication. He's already published numerous community newsletters to the suburbs within his Division 3 that encompasses Woree and Mt Sheridan. Pyne is arguably the most proactive candidate that has emerged to date, and has been active campaigning in Cairns' southern suburbs for 6 months now, establishing his name and credentials.

Originally Pyne was part of the alliance of independents under Val Schier's leadership, Cairns First. However he decided in late October to stand on his own two feet, a rather ambitious achievement for wheelchair-bound Pyne.

In running as a total independent Robert said "I think people who know me, know that I have a lot of energy and passion to contribute as their local Councillor. That's what a local representative is all about, speaking out on matters that are of concern."

He boosts about his skill for grass roots representation on the new Cairns Regional Council. "I will work for you, not a political party" he proudly states.

His departure from Cairns 1st, sparked a great deal of discussion as was recorded in the comments section of CairnsBlog.

It also drew a surprising and vitriolic attack from Byrne supporter and sitting Councillor for Division 4, Paul Freebody.

Robert Pyne will officially launch his campaign at the Pacific International Hotel on 5.30pm, Monday 3rd March. If you'd like to attend, drop him an email or telephone 4036 3360, or visit his website.

You can bookmark his YouTube channel, and can view his first video here:

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