Friday 11 January 2008

Big Brother is watching

Big brother is coming to a nanny state near you.

The Queensland government is looking into introducing a device that can slow a car that is over the speed limit.

The advice is coming from the Australasian Intelligent Speed Adaptation (ISA) programme and will be trialed in Victoria, NSW and WA this year. The programme is also being investigated in New Zealand.

Satellite GPS is used against a road database with preset limits. Drivers will get an audible warning if they exceed the limit. It will operate in three levels, where higher levels can cut power to the engine to prevent the driver from speeding.

The device would most probably be installed to speeding offenders that have accumulated a number of demerit points. Alternately, one report states that the device could be mandatory on all vehicles.

John Mickel , Queensland Transport Minister said he was involved in discussions about the technology.

Monash University have been researching intelligent transport systems for some time. ISA is also intended to help drivers stick to the speed limit when they are in unfamiliar areas or when they pass through areas where variable speed limits are used. The device would cost between $700 - $2,000.

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