Wednesday 23 January 2008

Wednesday giggle

I spotted this billboard in London's underground at the Monument station on a recent visit.

Couldn't resist sharing.


Anonymous said...

You wish!!! My word the cultural inferirity complex New Zealanders have to Australia is embarrassing. Reminds me of when growing up in Tasmania how Tasmanians were obsessed with the big brother mainland's attention, whereas on the mainland no one caes about Tassie. Same with OZ and NZ. You must decide Mr Moore whether you r an Aussie or a Kiwi, Australia has welcomed you! Don't bag us, or go home!

Anonymous said...

Dear me Tassie whatever, don't be so sensitive. It's just a bill board and billboards are topical at the moment. Down a couple of Steinies and I am sure you will feel better. Either that or start with the Sheep jokes.

Anonymous said...

yeah, you're jude-dude, i forgot about the sheep jokes!