Friday 11 January 2008

Sir Ed passes away

New Zealand's living legend, Sir Edmund Hillary, passed away this morning at 9am NZ time.

Born in July 1919, he was 88 years old.

Hillary was a mountaineer and explorer, famous for in late May 1953, along with Sherpa Tenzing Norgay, became the first climbers known to have reached the summit of Mount Everest.

Soon after the climb he famously said "We knocked the bastard off."

Hillary was part of the ninth British expedition to conquer Everest.

Hillary devoted his life to helping the Sherpa people of Nepal through a Himalayan trust which he founded. Hillary built many schools and hospitals in the remote Himalaya region. He recalled that this was his most important achievement.

He is unique in being the only Knight of the Garter, which is given at the personal discretion of the Queen. This is bestowed to only 20 worldwide, and was not awarded it for government or royal service.

Hillary is also extremely rare for being featured on the bank notes of a western country, whilst living.

Besides monarchs, this is never done in case of later public indiscretions occur.

In 1999, the body of eccentric British mountaineer, George Mallory was discovered, high on Everest's slopes, who attempted to reach the summit in 1924, 29 years before Hilary’s climb. This revived theories that someone may have bet Hillary to the peak of the world's highest mountain.

UPDATE: Google News has 2,064 stories published on the death of Sir Edmund, also leading CNN. The Hillary family have accepted the NZ Government's offer of a state funeral. It is expected that a senior member of the British Royal family will also attend.

The world's only statue of Hillary in the tiny Mt Cook village "Aoraki", has been decorated with flowers and a black armband.

The Nepalise government granted honorary Nepali citizenship in 2003. Through Hillary's inspiration and trust, 26 schools, two hospitals, and an airport were built, along with scholarships for Sherpa children.


PS: Here's a YouTube interview of a fake Sir Edmund Hillary with Shaun Micallef on SBS's hilarious Newstopia, which will return on February 27th.

The Sir Ed interview starts at 2 min :36 sec. on the counter.


Anonymous said...

It is with sadness that I read the passing of such a great man. Having been to the top of the world, he was committed in providing a better life for the Sherpa's. He did it with little fanfare and quiet determination and even after the death of his wife and 14 year old daughter in a plane crash while on their way to Nepal, he continued to devote his life to the Sherpa's. New Zealand and the World will mourn such a great loss. RIP Sir Edmund Hillary.

Anonymous said...

Hey, wasn't this story on earlier today, and on the radio and the TV.

How come you are not giving acknowledgement to where you stole this story from? Or do you hold yourself to a different standard than that to which you hold other media?

Anonymous said...

u dick oricool, the thing above was written by Mike. and if u look at the times, it was published before silly put anything up on their website.. see Kiwis got a head start on that news!!!

Anonymous said...

Where is the acknowledgement of the website or new service Mr Moore got his story from then?
Or, by his standards, I guess should be crediting this website as their source, as should ABC News etc etc.

Anonymous said...

Words fail me.....!

A great man, and a great friend of the planet, and it's people, passes... and THIS is all that people can come up with...Ah Well..!

But then again....he was a Kiwi..!

Anonymous said...

Even the Australian newspaper ran it page one this morning - and failed to credit this website for publishing it first in Australia.