Wednesday 9 January 2008

Average annual salary up

The average annual salary has again increased.
In figures published this week by FairFax's Career, the average Australian salary is now $77,441 pa. The range is from $37,323 to the maximum (Av) at $156,482.
The salary in this estimate may incorporate total packaging.
Top of the poll is the mining industry, with a range from $61,107 to $225,000, with $126,125 being the average.
At the other end of the scale, call centre operators earn between $32,014 and $93,714, with an average salary of $44,926. Admin support earn $46,329 and retail workers take home an average $48,087.
Construction and building industry workers are taking home an average salary of $101,567, not far behind executives on $105,076.
However average wages in Queensland, compared to southern states, almost always were between 3-6% lower across most most professions.

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Anonymous said...

Gee .. I will have to go and have a talk to my boss. I am about $20k short a year.
Amazes me where they get the averages from. Maybe they should look in the real world for their averages.

Anonymous said...

How nice for those in Sydney and Melbourne.

Few battlers making anything like these numbers in Cairns.

And I'm sure we haven't factored in the "other" Australians, those people camping out along the southern access highway, and their ilk.