Sunday 6 January 2008

Q & A's from the ECQ

Mark Jones, Senior Project Officer at the Electoral Commission Queensland (telephone 1300 881 665) answered some of our questions...

1. Can an elector can only vote at a polling booth appointed for the division for which the elector is enrolled?

  • The polling booths have not been finalised as yet and will be available on our web site when the election is officially called on Saturday 2nd February 2008.
    The Returning Officers, (ROs), will be given a list of the booths used for the last state election to base the booths on.
    They will contact each existing council to see if they want any other booths used or any existing ones not used and to give a reason. The final say will be with the RO and ECQ.

2. When do nominations open and close for the positions of Mayor and Councillor of Cairns Regional Council?

  • Nominations will be called on:
    Saturday 2nd February
    .....................and Nominations Close at 12pm
    - Tuesday 19th February 2008.

    see the web site for information.

3. The roll closes on 31st January 2008. Is the information kept on this roll available to candidates, and if so, when?

  • Anyone who nominates as a candidate, will receive a Candidates Kit from the RO.
    The Kit will contain either a printed copy or a CD of the roll for the area the person is nominating for.

PS: The QLD Govt website also has a useful resource online.

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