Friday 25 January 2008

Bligh & Bligh

Douglas Shire Councillor Rod Davis and local radio celeb is careful when brushing his teeth, and wants you to make your own choices.

Those with an eye for history might be interested to read about Queensland Premier Anna Bligh, the great, great, great, great, (this is starting to grate on me) granddaughter of the original Governor Bligh.

Tomorrow, Australia Day, try and avoid noting that it was 200 years ago, that her grandad was removed from office.

With 30-40% of the community opposed to compulsory fluoridation, Anita Boyden makes some interesting observations below.

Likewse, we in Noosa and Douglas, communities opposed to amalgamation with the homogenising blur, have a similar bone to pic with Ms Bligh, and given nice tropical island, and some cute grass skirted chics, I'm sure a mutiny would be again on the cards given the chance.

But sorry, in 2008 we don't get such a choice. I had Bob Abbot, Mayor of Noosa on my radio programme today, and he is battling the same issues as Douglas, the take over by the great nothingness.

Interestingly, Noosa has several sad functions planned before its removal under Bligh's March of the Nothingness, and one group plans to bury a time capsule. Not just any time capsule, but a time capsule buried in a coffin, after a community wake.
  • Do you know what connection Australia Day has to the mandatory addition of fluoride to up to 90 or 95% of Queenslanders' public water supplies for claimed dental benefits?Well, when NSW was a penal colony, a governor of NSW was arrested and jailed by the NSW Rum Corps.

    This happened on the 26th day of January, 1808 - exactly 20 years after British settlement in Australia. Tomorrow, Australia Day will be celebrated precisely 200 years since this governor was removed from office. He will be better known to you as Captain Bligh, Captain William Bligh, whose ship, the Bounty, was seized by Christian Fletcher nineteen years previously (April 28th, 1789).

    Bligh and 18 others were turned adrift in the longboat in which Bligh skillfully navigated 4,000 miles to Timor. History records Bligh as having "undoubtedly insulted many of his officers" and his "abusive tongue and overzealous and overbearing manner made him unpopular as a commander". Now 200 years after Governor Bligh's removal from office, his Great Great Great Great (4 Greats) Granddaughter - Premier Anna Bligh - has also been making herself unpopular - but in this instance, it is by her intention to mass medicate Queenslanders by having an industrial-grade fluoride compound added to their public water supplies: a compound that contains traces of the carcinogens arsenic and lead, as well as other heavy metals.

    One of the compounds Premier Bligh has the choice of using in your water supply, is, according to its Material Safety Data Sheet, used as a roach and ant killer.

    Premier Bligh, like her Great Great Great Great Grandfather Bligh, could also be accused of being overzealous and overbearing: overzealous meaning "marked by excessive devotion to a cause or idea" (the idea being to add fluoride to public water supplies) and overbearing meaning "expecting unquestioning obedience"; such as unquestioning obedience to drink the water - from the cradle to the grave - to which has been added an industrial-grade Scheduled 6 or Scheduled 7 accumulative poison.

    If you think "overzealous" and "overbearing" are strong words, please bear in mind that Premier Bligh's intention to add fluoride to most of Queensland's public water supplies is despite the fact that the adverse effects of extremely low doses of fluoride have been substantiated scientifically - and when I talk about adverse effects at extremely low doses I am talking about the amount of fluoride consumed by the average person from drinking artificially fluoridated water.

    I now quote from a current nursing reference book:
    "Competent clients can refuse drug treatment at any time. Continuing to give treatment when clients have clearly refused can constitute trespass".
    (Source: Fundamentals of Pharmacology, Galbraith et al, 4th Edition).

    Listeners, DEMAND freedom of health choice.

    If Premier Bligh follows through with her intention to force medicate Queenslanders with an accumulative poison, do you think we ought to set her adrift?

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