Monday 7 January 2008

Last week's Poll results

With just over 2 months till the mid-March local body elections, the support for the incumbent Council appears very thin on the ground, as last week poll displayed.

74% want a new Council, with a great deal of anti-feelings against the current leadership and direction in the way our city is heading in terms of urban planning.

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Anonymous said...

Kevin Bryne is the most disliked & untrustworthy mayor in the history of Cairns.
You will never hear a good word about this man from any shop assistants who have the misfortune to serve him. From two shop assistants in two different shops in Cairns Central they both agreed "He's such a manners, arrogance to match his hero john Howard. he (KB) just barks out commands, doesn't ask, just treats people with contempt, just very rude. He was the rudest customer in 2007, he makes me fell like a second class citizen every-time he comes into the store, I feel sorry for the people that have to take his below par attitudes"

A couple of stores have got together and from now on are not going to put up with his undignified behavior...certainly an embarrassment for our friend town...He's an ignoramus"

He's not getting our vote