Wednesday 23 January 2008

Pop in, say hello to Kev

I was wandering down to the Nard this morning to meet Salman Rushdie, Elvis and Osama. We get together every year for a tea party.

Then something rather shocking happened. I nearly fell over in Spence Street. It wasn't due to any dodgy Council footpath that was looking like a tourist death trap. Oh no.

The Spence Street footpaths are surprisingly and totally restaurant-free. Makes walking a breeze.

I stumbled across the Mayor's election campaign HQ he's just set up in the Bolands Centre.

Big Kev's picked an office that is heritage listed. Oh, the irony. I can see all the joke headlines already.

I was delighted he's chosen such a lovely spot, in the heart of the city, and area that is frequented by tourists.

Hardly a local wander along there, amongst the tourist shops.

It's almost right next door to yet another tourist junk shop, called "Loose Change", which is rather appropriate after Deputy Mayor Terry James comments last week.

Anyway, I snapped a couple of pix and dropped my calling card in the door, to say I'd called.

Next time, I hope TJ pops the jug on.


Anonymous said...

Don't hold your breath for a cup of tea. The only time you see these incumbents is when the polls call.

Anonymous said...

As a new resident to the city, it amazes me how such a large collection of hicks (who haven't yet learned how to even pronounce the NAME of this town) can then spend inordinate amounts of time flogging their elected leaders.

It's CAIRNS, you morons, not CANS!