Monday 21 January 2008

Panagopoulos and the Pythons

Anyone who's had a famous Tropo's Pizza opposite Stockland, Earlville will say they are the best in town.

Tropos are a family business, run by Peter Panagopoulos and his partner Ann, and have been creating great pizzas and pasta for more than 10 years.

They'll even make a home delivery if you're not too far away from their store.

Anyway, enough off this shameless commercialism. I feel like I've turned into a billboard perched on some property magnate's roof!

I had the pleasure over the weekend to catch up with Peter, who, as it turns out, is into more that pizza and pastas. He's also famous for his pythons. Pretty perfect for Peter. Pitty he couldn't get a permit for polar pears, I mean bears. Oh, pleeease!

Peter and Ann breed the valuable Black Head Pythons and Carpet Pythons.

In the last few days Slick (the dad) and Delilah (the mum) gave birth to five little ones. They look like kittens, only much more scary.

We turned up a feeding time, and what a show it was. Each had a couple of large [dead] rats each. Yum. I'd not seen this many smelly rats since the last Council meeting I went to.
If you're interested in surprising your wife in the middle of the night, why not do it with a snake?

You can call Peter on 0412 536 236. And call 4054 6600 to order your pizza.

Make sure not to get the numbers confused.


Anonymous said...

I have often had to "carpetsnake" after eating Troppo's Pizza. It's been the best in town for years...seriously good feed.
The Ribs are fantastic too, but fair warning they should not be eaten in polite company.
Lucky for me, my friends are far from polite. We kick back on the veranda and watch the sunset over White Rock Mountain and rip and chew into those ribs and pizza on a pretty regular basis. The dog doesn't even bark at the delivery guy anymore...
And shock horror, Family size is REALLY family sized... heaps of yum topping. One slice will really fill you up... but tastes so good you will eat more than you should which will probably lead to you also having to curl up in a corner somewhere and carpetsnake like one of Peter's pythons.

Anonymous said...

What's the address, I will come down from Northern Beaches and suss it out.

Michael P Moore said...

Jude, if you read the story, you'll see there's a telephone number for Peter, the Python man.

Anonymous said...

His shop address is mulgrave Road .. opposite Earlville shopping centre. Best pizza in town by far.

Anonymous said...

Yep Mike saw the phone number, and I do read your stories, however, I thought I might take in the Council Meeting on Thursday and stop by for a bite to eat before heading home. Somewhere opposite Stockland will do, I am sure I can find it.

Anonymous said...

Jude .. it is directly accross the road from Earlville .. definately worth the visit. I owe all future heart attacks and strokes to Peter and Ann at Troppo's .. they are lovely people .. with good friendly staff .. and fantastic food.