Tuesday 15 January 2008

Candidate makes hair-raising request

Robert Pyne, Cairns Regional Council candidate for Division 3, has called on his fellow candidates to show their community spirit by participating in the Leukemia Foundation’s World’s Greatest Shave.

“We are now just eight-weeks away from the Council election, so my fellow candidates still have time to participate in this great cause," he says.

"Every hour an Australian is diagnosed with a blood cancer such as leukemia, and all money raised from the WGS goes to directly supporting patients and families affected by Leukemia, when they really need it most.”

"Election campaigns can be frustrating and I am sure my colleagues will slowly be pulling their hair out over the next two-months anyway, so if they are going to lose their hair by March 15 they may as well do the job properly and benefit a great cause."

In a spirit of fellowship, Pyne offered an ‘olive branch’ to those of his opponents who have been told to ‘keep their hair on’ as the election approaches.

"I will not criticize any of those candidates who want to maintain their coiffure, crew cut or cowlick, provided they sponsor my shave to the tune of $100!”

While Robert only expects male candidates to do the full Monty and reveal their ‘nude nut’ those female candidates may want to take the option of colouring their hair, or opting out and sponsoring others for the cause.

Anyone wishing to participate can contact Annette at the Leukemia Foundation on 4041 1454 Full details are here: www.worldsgreatestshave.com.au


Anonymous said...

Hi Rob,

Bald for a cure eh?

I'll go Brazilian to reveal another side to cancer research negligence, if needs be, and starting tomorrow,

on Radio Port Douglas, I'm re-opening another series on the causes and scams surrounding of the big C. A writer, nurse, and researcher Emma Cohen is my guest, and it will be interesting listening. I'm not from the mainstream when it comes believing cancer can't be figured, and with it, all the other auto-immune diseases that 'have no cure'. When it's now 1 in 2 blokes who get cancer, more than 20 times higher than it was 50 years back, it does not seem unreasonable to suggest cancer is not just a disease, it's a pandemic. Tell me if you have not heard of some one, you know, getting cancer in the last year?

You are not alone.

I prefer to look deeper at these issues. Maverick I maybe am, but hey, 5000 years of Chinese acupuncture, ( aside every indigenous mob know to man) addressing 'energetic' aspects of heath, that go well beyond our, 'only believe it if I see it" medical system, is only but one area of interest to me.

When the world glibly soaks and covers its bodies in sodium laurel sulphate and propylene glycol each day in their shampoos, conditioners, shaving creams (and even toothpaste), its no wonder every second breast or prostrate is packing it in. The same chemicals, on the back of delivery truck, are emblazoned with warnings, but as the government official would say, why worry, no one has ever died of shampoo poisoning.

When the real impacts of fluorosilsicic acid are still misunderstood, when aspartame and MSG are still legally all fine to consume, it's no wonder we are all going down like DDT''d flies when it comes to cancer. They have research showing long term fluoridation dulls down the kids IQ, and makes everyone nice and Homer Simpson.

Look at the fluoridated Mareeba and Townsville. I rest my case.

Ever wondered why the Japanese hoard massive Tim Tam supplies in Cairns? (Cairns Woollies sells more Tim Tams than any other shop in Oz). Tim Tams are banned overseas.They contain 3 food colourings ( to make the coconut look chocolate) that are so toxic, its dangerously negligent that the Australian food industry still even allows them to be seen, let alone eaten.

Every single European country has now banned Fluoride (or more clearly, Fluoride compounds ex of smoke stack scrubbers).

Read more at http://roddavis.org/rodsblog/2007/12/07/why-no-to-flouridation/

There is one exception....Irish. So much for the Irish intelligence joke, the joke is on Queensland. So much for the,"Smart State". Anywhere you have fluoridation, you have higher thyroid dysfunction and higher bone cancer rates. But don't believe me, check with the 3 year, massive US Research Institute findings, about a year old.

Then there are the toxins coming from flexible plastics. Every wondered what Amatil recommends not reusing its plastic bottles...and no, its not just about resale revenue. Breath deep next time you get into a locked car, left in the sunshine. Shorten ya life.

Eat yaself through all those supermarket's centre aisles, and enjoy the chemical and preservative dose you get from all us 50's baby boomers who abandoned food preparation for food preservation, so we could watch more TV.

We found out what DDT did, but we still have many thousand of newly introduced chemical compounds that we have no idea how toxic they are. But the pandemic of cancer provides a clue.

So sure, I will shave for a cure, but what needs a complete Brazilian are the idiots in our food and cosmetic industries telling us, hey, no one ever died from eating a Tim Tam. Or using shampoo. But do it every day, all your life, and you will be the one in 2 who will be getting that call from your doctor about, ah, "I have some test results you better come and see me about immediately".

Rod Davis
Port Douglas's Councillor

Ps Jason O'Brien was on air with me today...he's a Cairns Blog addict too.

Anonymous said...

Please consider a contribution; even $5.00 would be fantastic. You can do it directly from the Leukaemia Foundation website and leave a message:

Rob Pyne.
Did you know...
$55 pays for one car to transport patients to and from treatment centres for one day.
$100 provides a family with a fully furnished 'home away from home' near a treatment centre for one night.
$250 provides a family with a tailored counselling and support program for three months.
All donations $2 and over are tax deductible, and a receipt will be emailed to you.