Friday 11 January 2008

Sign of the times

A CairnsBlog reader spotting and snapped this wee gem on the Yorkeys road.
It seems that a young fella named Craig, was in a taxi last Sunday at an unknown hour along the Yorkeys Knob road, and he received a telephone number from a woman in the taxi, whom he was rather taken with. What a mouthful. The sentance I mean.
It's unsure if there was anything else exchanged other than the phone call.
Anyway, he lost the number and is on a quest to locate her. I think his marketing and entrepreneurial skills are very innovative.

If you can help Craig connect the missing pieces, his number is 0439 032 646.
Or maybe you'd simply like a late night taxi ride somewhere, that isn't that memorable.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

WHOA, obviously Craig is unaware that this is not a "Permitted Advertisement in accordance with Local Law Policy No.6 Schedule 5 - Residential/Rural Environment".

I'm sure he will be hearing from Ms Wright's Local Law enforcers in the fullness of time.