Sunday 6 January 2008

Roadworks means parking meters

I snapped photo back in September, and forgot to post it.
This is when Council said they were doing "roadworks" along McLeod Street yet after it was completed... parking meters magically appeared.
I recall discussions sometime ago that parking meters wouldn't be installed in centre road parking, as people often had to cross the road, get some change from a shop, return to their vehicle, and then head back across the street again, making the whole exercise very dangerous for pedestrians along a very busy street.
Seemed logical and sensible to me.
I know why they need all this Money, Money, Money!


Anonymous said...

I have noticed with interest that Factman has not commented on this. Obviously, he and KB don't think we would be stupid enough to believe them if they said anything against this piece.

Anonymous said...

lol... great call paul!!!