Saturday 19 January 2008

2004 Mayor Byrne's campaign cash

Some repeats are worth staying up for, especially when a picture says a thousands words... or many thousand dollars.

I posted this months back, but it needs another airing and speaks for itself.

I welcome your observations.


Anonymous said...

You're gettin' it Mike ... I hope.
The money, that does things in Cairns, like employs us all, (advertising/demand/manufacture/distribute/sell), relies on Council to do the right thing and keep the Cairns economy going.
I would be panicking if I thought Val and those amateurs around her had some control over Cairns at these critical times.
We need leadership not crap like those basketcase shires, Johnstone and Douglas.
Kev, you're a born leader, you
give positive direction and those that I talk to have no real complaints ..

Anonymous said...

If this is the official list that I have seen before (bit hard to read it off the screen), there are some glaring ommissions. The big players are just NOT there?

We should be asking where are they? No doubt secreted their funds off through unofficial channels such as Advance Cairns, then through another holding company and then back to the recipients!

It really stinks!

Anonymous said...

Enough factman (AKA Peter Tabulo) - you and KB's mutal admiration society is making us all sick! Another bucket please....

If you are so sure KB is going to win the upcoming election, how come you even bother with this blog? And please don't say that you are correcting all the misrepresentations and lies spread by whingers and the like.....there's enough spin (such "as we need leadership")coming out of Council lately to make the world spin. Just what we don't need is more of a dictatorial, arrongant man who thinks he is above everyone and the law, who does not give a shit about Cairns or its residents and thinks he is still in the army and can make everyone's life hell including those who work for him!

Anonymous said...

This blog is gaining a lot of attention because it is the ONLY venue where ratepayers can express their opinions and help to shape alternate policies. Have a look at the "hit" counter which gives you an idea of the numbers of people checking in.

Anonymous said...

Maybe even the Cairns Post is getting the picture (finally), all 5 of "They say" in Saturday's Cairns Post when asked,
"Do you think enough is being done to preserve Cairns' heritage buildings in the face of the development boom?" said NO.

Then again, they did their own usual spin doctoring article with the article "Life's a beach with property" trying to tell us that all is well in paradise, especially if you live on the beaches, and particularly Machan's. According to CP, the locusts will be arriving there any day soon, so watch out Machans!

They are so pathetic sometimes with their attempts at real stories and not half transparent!

Anonymous said...


This is what these bastards have caused.

An international survey shows homes in Australia's growing regional cities are among the least affordable in the English-speaking world.