Monday 21 January 2008

Error messages common

I've been getting this screen when I attempt to access the Council website more and more often of late.
Today I searched the Local Laws section, and a number aren't where they should be, after a week ago when things where in the right areas, according to the links.
It appears that documents are continually moved. I have linked a great deal of Council documents on this Blog over the months, for reference to stories and investigations I've carried out. Council Minutes for one, are removed on a regular basis.
I've also received a number of emails from Blog readers over recent weeks validating similar experiences they've had.
Now this is no conspiracy at all, but it is a fact that many documents appear to be uploaded, moved, removed in quick sucession.
I don't know what's going on in the Council's IT department, but the instructions they appear to receive form the 3rd floor is rather odd to say the least.
Let's know if you've had some odd things happen when you've tried to access the Cairns City Council website.

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