Tuesday 8 January 2008

Destructionists and rapists

A CalirnsBlog follower just dropped me a line and said I should "cease and desist" using the word 'developer' to describe those that build and clear land.

He says he doesn’t know why they get the name ‘developer’.

"More like destructionist, rapist, money hungry slugs…………………"

Whilst I don't argue against all building and construction, I strongly disagree with inappropriate building that harms the environment and will of the majority.
However, he makes an interesting point!


Anonymous said...

Personally, I liked the comment that called some developers "locusts".
Very apt!

Anonymous said...

l think you should add John richardsons " Kenfrost " into the name collection above
He has certainly ruined Kewarra and Clifton with his sub standard size blocks and cheap and nasty civil works

Anonymous said...

Ken Frost (developer) was the very same one that cleared about four football-sized lands lots at Kewarra Beach and left Deep Creek as a muddy cess pit, clearing the riparian zone for about 50metres on either side. He left not a tree standing. His Delaney Creek estate at Clifton got the same treatment.

Like I said "locusts"

Anonymous said...

l was told yesterday that Hedley has bought the Northern sands site for 14 mil which is just north of the holloways roundabout on the west side
lt is a raw materials and landfill area at present but for how long now.......
More flooded developments!

Anonymous said...

Tonight's news showed terrible flooding around Townsville, Airlie Beach and Proserpine.
The news said the flooding was the result of the monsoonal trough and a low pressure system centered on the area causing "flash" flooding to the area.
Just over a week ago, the monsoonal trough and an associated low pressure system was over Cairns, (ex Tropical Cyclone Helen), and this blog, (with it chorus of Cairns 1st believers), said it was all Council's and Kev's and the Developer's fault.

A week is a long time in politics ...

Anonymous said...

No Factman, I won't blame Mayor Kev for that flooding. I think it's a bit out of his jurisdiction ...and it is so clearly the Liberal Party's fault for neglecting Qld roads and Highways for years.