Wednesday 23 January 2008

The Councillor Egan and Dr McKenzie Show

The almost historic, in need of protection, John Mackenzie of 846AM had fun on his morning radio show today.

Mackenzie read today’s Cairns Post article on air this morning. He said the Police were called to a meeting of the Douglas Shire Council yesterday. He could have read CairnsBlog for a far more detailed report on what happened.

Mackenzie reads that Douglas Shire Mayor, Mike Berwick says Douglas Council is continuing to act unlawfully by trying to find spurious reasons the dismiss Carey and that the whole Council should be sacked.

Quoting the Cairns Post, he went on to say that Councillor Rod Davis said to dismiss the entire Council.

Mackenzie then speaks with Councillor Dave Egan, Douglas Shire Deputy Mayor, about the issue.

Egan says the meeting is not the Shire's last meeting before March as the Post reported.

Egan says yesterday’s meeting was unfortunate, saying one Councillor attended the meeting in spite of being suspended for two meetings. Mackenzie says that has not been reported. It was on CairnsBlog thou John.

Mackenzie asks which Douglas Councillor has been suspended? Egan would not tell him.

It was on CairnsBlog John.

Egan confirmed that Councillor Davis is the Councillor under suspension for two meetings. This means he will be there for the Shire's grand-finale final meeting.

Egan states that the Police did not actually come to yesterday’s Council meeting and were just contacted saying reports of them attending were incorrect.

They were there David.

Look at the photos CairnsBlog took.

Egan says the people concerned left without any forced eviction at all.

Egan states that the Police did not enter the Shire building and did not escort anyone out of the Council chambers.

Yes, the Police did enter the Council building. See CairnsBlog photos.

Egan, on the future of Carey, says most Councillors want a report on the matter made public and claims he himself is being gagged over the matter.

Egan says the report must be acted on and says Council's leadership has never been strong and it's zero-tolerance has never been enforced.

Egan says the behaviour within Council does not happen in Cairns. Mackenzie agrees and wonders what the Council's final meeting will be like.

Egan invites Mackenzie to broadcast from the last Council meeting. Mackenzie is very tempted but cannot see it happening. CairnsBlog will be there again.

If you want a good listen, here's the MP3 of Egan on McKenzie's show this morning, thanks to a CairnsBlog convert!

Here ends the lesson.


Anonymous said...

Maybe Cr Egan is on the drug that killed Heath Ledger.

Anonymous said...

Wow, go local media for chasing up Cr Egan about his false public statements - NOT!!!

Anonymous said...

I know Dave Egan is so hard hitting, edgy and cool, but i really love the hot reactionary banter between Macca and the celebrity parasite John-Michael Howsen. Does live radio get any better than this?