Tuesday 8 January 2008

Driving Mr Daisy

It's just after 1:30am and arrived back from the airport.
My weather meter is registering 28o and 99% humidity. I use a great Aussie-made tool that reads data in real time from BOM. You can grab it for free from Birdcage.
Oh, what a lovely time of year it is as the wet season is in full swing like this. Nothing like going to sleep, hearing the sound of rain.
The tropical low is now crossing Cape York's Western coast and bringing a load of H2O with it.
If you check BOM's local rainfall, looks like we got up 100mm in some areas overnight. It's going to be a good wet this year.
Here's a couple of snaps to show you the intense rain that I took from the car with the mobile, hence the rough quality! Now, off to bed.

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