Friday 25 January 2008

Fanuary is coming

This one will make the hair on your back crawl.

The Christchurch Press reports on the controversy over Fanuary.

You will probably be aware of Movember. This is all about encouraging men to grow a moustache in November to raise awareness of men’s health issues - including prostrate cancer.

Now we have a group called Fanuary.

They are asking women to go without bikini waxes in January - all in the name of raising awareness of women’s health, particularly gynaecological cancers.

Photos are abound when Movember comes around. How brave would the media be to put a pretty pic of Pam's perfect pruned pussy for us all to perve?

The good ol Kiwis have even set up a website for the event.

I know there's also some guys out there, especially swimmers, that like to mow downstairs, if you know what I mean.

I recall when David Tench asked Shannon Noll about his wee goatie, he was rather naughty.

Some online discussion forums have been active with suggestions for new "Fanuary" styles:

The Landing Strip
(used for the benefit of male first-timers to, “find things in the dark”) - extra points for the dashed line down the middle

The Bermuda Triangle
(Where many a good keen adventure has been lost without a trace. “Where the hell is Indiana Jones when you need him…?”) - Must have 3 clearly defined corners. Points for denseness and symmetry. Up-side-downess gains additional judges recognition

The Tache
(”Your boyfriend/husband/girlfriend took great pleasure in your discomfort during Movember… Time for payback!! Let him get pash-rash”) - Points for shape, thickness, ethnicity, Ringmaster pointy bits. NO GOATEES OR ADOLFS!

HatTip: KiwiBlog


Anonymous said...

Fanuary? Just after Decadencber?
Being that is its Austrlia's birthday tommorrow, ( and 200 years to the Day after Governor Bligh was 'removed'). surely it would be remiss of us to include a decent 'Map of Tassie' traditional hair style, I mean, well, with the Pulp Mill alongside a recreational zone, my sic homour is getting the better of me, so maybe i better stop here....

Anonymous said...

If you wanted to give New Zealand a bit of a plug, then why the hell didn't you bring up Helen Clarke's gutsy stand against the Japanese whalers? Helen makes our own Prime Ministers look like pissant wimps.

Anonymous said...

If I had known about this at the beginning of Fanuary, probably would've entered the Indonesian Rainforest Sloth category. You know what boys, back in the old days, the most frightening thing about childbirth was to see the midwife bearing down on you with a razor to remove every single bit of hair from navel to knees. While it was growing back, it made you envious of the family doggy dragging itself along the carpet scratching its butt.

Anonymous said...

Oh jude !!!