Tuesday 29 January 2008

We don't have to ask the residents

I blogged back in September about an astounding decision whereby Cairns City Council did not consult with the Yorkeys Knob Residents' Association.

This was all about the granting of a 35 year lease to the adjoining Half Moon Bay Golf Club for a strip of the Community's Centre's land in Wattle Street.

Council officer Leslie Sparkes, with the ironic title of Community and Cultural Development, informed the local Residents' Association that the decision was made in conjunction with the local Activities Group, which manage the community hall etc.

However, no discussion or involvement occurred with local residents, nor was any approach made to the Association.

As a curious aside, CairnsBlog has learn't that the hall committee are not even provided with funds to run the power in the hall or even purchase toilet paper. And this is a facility the Council provides it's residents out of our rates?

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