Thursday 17 January 2008

Busy week, slow week

Sorry Blog buddies for being a distracted in the last few days.. but there's not been a lot to report on the local political front.

I've also had a great deal on which has pre-occupied my attention.

I was delighted to see a huge amount of interest in my feature piece on Saturday connecting the developers dots, as it were.

I will explore this further as we move closer to the election, which is now under 2 months away.

Anyway, just wanted to touch base with you all, and say I'm still alive!


Anonymous said...

Good to see you're still alive Mike.

Here's a genuine email for all you whingers ...

From: []
Sent: Thursday, 17 January 2008 1:04 PM
To: Corporate Faxes 3022 & 3830
Subject: Cairns City Council Web Site Feedback

Name: Barry collins

Address: 14 moresby place Allambie heights. nsw 2100


Comments: I have just returned to Sydney following my second business trip to Cairns. I felt the need to contact your organisation and congratulate you on the remarkable administration of the city. The city vibe is fantastic: the streets are clean , almost to the point of spotlessness, no sign of graffiti (I started looking, but could not find any). Also, no sign of anti-social activity, no matter at what hour of the day or night - all achieved with an apparently low-key enforcement presence (I saw the police speaking to one intoxicated person. Their quiet and professional manner, before removing the offender in a dignified manner, was a reassuring example of a confidant and efficient service. And the city has something for everyone - be it shopping at the Louis Vitton store or relaxing at the 'Asylum' backpackers hostel. Everywhere people seem happy and optimistic. How did you achieve this? Whatever the method I wish you could inculcate Sydney authorities with the same administrative ethos - the situation here, even on Sydney's northern beaches, is the anthisis of what you have achieved in Cairns. I look forward to my next visit - so much yet to do and see. Similarly, my friends and neighbours express admiration for the best city in Australia. Regards, B Collins

Factman says ... well done Kev, Councillors and Council staff ... well done.

Anonymous said...

In response to Factman's email...

Is ths visitor a friend of yours?

If not the re his comments, "no antisocial behaviour", he obviously did not read the Cairns Post during his stay - there is a rape, robbery, violent assault, murder, drunkedness and loutish behavourior in the CBD reported everyday second day in the Cairns Post.

As for being the best city in the world - he is like KB..... (dreaming)!!!

Melbourne has been voted the world's most livable city (twice) and there are over 40 very good reasons for that. Crime rates are just one of the 40 criteria that cities are measured and assessed for. The other capital cities of Australia have all been voted in the top 10 at differenct times and in different contests, so again, it is not possible for Cairns to be the best city in Australia (well not in KB' lifetime anyway which will end on the 15th March).

Cairns would not even be in the race!

Anonymous said...

We know that Factman is someone close to the Mayor. Is he Dennis Quick (or is he the mayor himself??). He must work at council and has got the email that big Kev sent out to all council staff to make himself feel better and convince himself that Cairns is created in his image. Get out there and talk to people Kev and you won't feel nearly so good.