Sunday 6 January 2008

Afternoon at the gallery

Blue skies. Sun shining. Arh, the day to explore some culture.

We've just wandered around the Cairns Regional Gallery. Gavin King told me to.

You see, evidently if we enjoy the trappings of a "big modern city on the move to the future", then we shouldn't have any right to complain about the old stuff being removed.

(Note: the Mayor was born in PNG on 25th March 1949. Does that make him old enough for demolishing and replacing with something newer?)

Anyway, I've just had the delight to see some of the great displays and exhibitions on offer at our Gallery.

Of the many things to see, four exhibitions stood out for me of note...
  • Portraiture is a representation of individuals through painting and photography. It depicts faces and expressions. I understand the intent was to display likeness and personalities.
  • Roy McIvor comes from the Aboriginal community of Hopevale, north of Cooktown. He's from the Binthi tribe. His work is a collection of personal and community stories through paintings and print works.
  • Arthur Wicks presents photographs of the earth, but not as a green planet, but as a blue-grey cultural artifact.
  • The Low Isles Preservation Society from Port Douglas takes a trip to the islands to see the annual coral spawning. The artists' artworks are simply amazing.
Afterwards, our group had a drink and snack outside the Gallery at Perottas. This has to be the gayest place in town, after the now defunct NuTrix closed it's Spence Street doors.

Another loverly Sunday afternoon in Cairns.

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