Tuesday 29 January 2008

Obama’s Speech

National Review is a leading conservative voices in America. They are not fans of liberal politicians however they gave top marks to Barack Obama’s speech, following the South Carolina primary yesterday.

  • Barack Obama’s speech tonight was simply exceptional — and a reminder of why he is one of the most remarkable political talents in our lifetime. He was able to speak in ways that seem to rise above conventional politics, even as he was able to masterfully push back against the Clinton attacks of the last several weeks. His capacity to touch and stir authentic emotions is remarkable. And unlike Clinton and especially Edwards, the Obama message is about unity, not divisions; and hopes rather than grievances.

Here's the second half of his speech. Obama comes across as inspiring and you can see he's a as a candidate for the future, which often contrasts Clinton.

Imagine if we saw this kind of impassioned speech in the lead up to our Council election, from any candidate. CairnsBlog will be inviting all Mayoral candidates to a open community forum in early March, prior to the election. We hope you will attend.

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