Saturday 5 January 2008

What's the problem John

In response to an article on CairnsBlog, about the construction of high-rise apartments in old Cairns Street, a resident dropped me a line today.

  • My family lived in that block of Cairns Street for 42 years. In fact, our house is now owned by Mr McKenzie and is a rental property. In our last visit to Cairns we were dismayed at the state of repair that the house was in. It looks very neglected, which it never did when my parents lived there. They had pride in their home.

    Anyway, I don't know why there is such a fuss because there is already a block of units in that block of units in Cairns Street (admittedly a George Court development, so it has some style). near the Lily Street end - the end were Mr McKenzie actually resides.

    The house in The Cairns Post article was owned by one family for a similar period as we owned our house. The father was a High School teacher at Cairns High and the mother taught piano at home.

    When the Caravella's first bought the house we think it was used for their hostel staff as the occupants were numerous and noisy.

    Michael Murray-Brown.

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