Saturday 5 January 2008

Cyclone 2 - Helen

The first one was Guba, back in November, now Helen is with us. But this one hasn't got the puff of the other famous Helen.

This one has been going since late on the 1st January.

The BOM website is the place to follow all the cyclone action, or the Cairns Post is you want to see what is day old weather news. Not their fault, just that print media can't keep up with the changing pace of a cyclone.

At a Cat 2, Helen looks to make landfall over the next couple of days as it crosses the Gulf of Carpenteria on Queensland's Western coast of Cape York in the next day or two.

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Anonymous said...

I and my family survived "The Bitch",cyclone Tracy. All I can advize is that if its a category 5, lock up and hang on. John McKenzies timber houses may suffer the same fate as the Aquatic Club house. Gavin King should take note that high rise apartments are particularly vulnerable to broken glass flying across the room and dismembering occupants. The reason being that they are elevated and cop the full force of the wind and other debris. So good luck Gav.
PS. If you live in a waterfront apartment make sure everything is stainless steel otherwise it will rust.

Rob Williams