Tuesday 27 July 2010

Your community needs your view

Cairns Regional Council needs your help to plan for tomorrow.

"We need to know your dreams, your hopes, your vision on how our region will unfold over the next 20 years and beyond," CEO Lyn Russell says. "This is your community and your voice needs to be one of those calling directions for the path we take into the future."

"Right now, our community is poised to take its place as one of the great tropical cities in Australia – and the world," Lyn Russell says. "Cairns Regional Council is entering a crucial stage of planning with the community to ensure we provide a plan that truly reflects a united way forward. Council wants to hear about how you view future opportunities that need to be pursued for you, your children and your grandchildren. We also want your views on how you’d like to see Council shape its future role to take full advantage of our resources, expertise and knowledge for the region."

Russell says this means working in new ways to make sure they hear opinions and engage in consultation in the most effective ways possible.

"We will be asking for participation from all stakeholders in our community – from special interest groups, community leaders, business people, individuals – everyone who wants to have a say, regardless of age, gender, geographic location, income, religion, ethnicity or any other factor," Lyn Russell says. "To start the process, we are inviting key stakeholders and community leaders to attend a workshop for a discussion on this exciting program of engagement."

The workshops...

CAIRNS – Monday 2 August
9.30am – 12.30pm Tanks Art Centre, Tank 5, Collins Avenue
4.30pm – 7.30pm Tanks Art Centre, Tank 5, Collins Avenue

GORDONVALE – Friday 6 August
10.30am – 1.30pm RSL Hall, Gordon Street

Light refreshments will be served. If you'd like to attend, RSVP by emailing (include venue and time) to Helen Jarroe, by Wednesday 28 July.


Curious said...

This will be the same old same old ... they won't actually listen to anyone, they'll do want they want, then claim consultation with the people gives them a mandate.

Were we asked if we wanted to double the population of Cairns? Of course not, no-one gave a shit what we wanted, more people means more money means more power to the council and their developer mates.

If you really want to know what people think, hold a referendum, ask the questions we want to ask, and promise to do what the people want.

The first question on the list should be, "Do we need so many overpaid, under-worked councillors?"

What are the chances of that happening?

Lillian at Yorkeys said...

What - true 'community engagement' - scheduled one week or less away? Only in Cairns & Gordonvale? What about Port Douglas? What about Babinda?

If the CRC really had balls, and I suggested this to Val 2 years ago, we should have monthly Community Forums, yes, in different locations, so ordinary people could come & speak their mind.

So, I'm afraid Lyn, if you think this is 'true' community consultation, well, you aren't earning your wages.

Ray Taylor said...

You can put back our old Cairns Aquatic Club for Starters

CRAG said...


From: Attorney General – The Hon Robert McClelland MP
08 July 2010

Dear Mr Thompson,

I refer to your letter received on 10 June 2010 regarding the 1988 Referendum.

In 1988, four proposals to amend the Constitution were put to voters in accordance with section 128 of the Constitution. One of those proposals sought to give constitutional recognition to local government but the proposal was not carried.

The Constitution does not currently recognize local government. Any change to the Constitution to recognize local government would need to be approved by voters at a referendum. The Government will continue to explore reform, including constitutional recognition, to facilitate cooperation with local government.

Yours sincerely

Robert McClelland

Parliament House, Canberra ACT 2600
Telephone (02) 6277 7300
Fax (02) 6273 4102

:John: Babet Community Reformation Action Group (CRAG)

Queenie said...

Why are they holding these things in only 2 locations in the whole of the CRC area, and either during working hours or late arvo pick the kids up and feed them madness hours?