Saturday 31 July 2010

No anon-e-mouse comments, please. I've told you before

I can always spot new comment posters to CairnsBlog, they appear terrified of leaving their name, or even a pseudonym, attached to their contribution.
I remind newbies and virgin CairnsBlog comment posters, that anonymous comments submitted are never published.
Here's a short technical lesson for those less fortunate of us to arrive before the Gen Y's.
After you've typed your witty, clever and urbane contribution [see right] that also follows the simple comment rules to avoid be moderated, you must fill in the "Name/URL" section on the comments dialogue box [see right].
The "URL" (a place to pop in a web link - Facebook profile, your own website, etc) is optional.
Also, it's not okay to simply type your name in the same area where your comment is typed. You need to use the option as mentioned above.
An 'Anonymous' option does appear, and Google is looking at removing this, however if you select this when posting a comment, your well-thought out argument, will head straight to a dark hole, just like the back seat of Councillor Alan Blake's MX5.
Oh, and another tip: I recommend you construct your comment in an external Word programme, and then copy and paste it in. That way, if the Blog system crashes or doesn't appear because of a glitch, you can always submit it again without drama.
Over the last week alone, over 60 comments came in - some beautifully scribed - as "anonymous". All went automatically to the sin bin. Make your voice heard, that's a dear. And by the way, it's a rare case that a comment isn't posted - no matter what the opinion, so long as it follows the appropriate netiquette.
PS: I really do encourage folk to use their real name, and I know we've had this debate back in 2008 on CairnsBlog but if you can't muster that, use a nic name. You can also use a Google log in.


Andrew Williams (via Facebook) said...

So I can't put Andrew 'Anonymous' Williams after something I comment on lol!

Curious said...

"PS: I really do encourage folk to use their real name"

So we can be traced through the phone book, giving our names, addresses and phone numbers?

No thanks, there's enough nutters on the streets without inviting them round to my place.

Nychi said...

I'm with Curious on that one. Might I say that several of them (nutjobs) are regular contributors to the comments section of this blog as well as guest posters. They live amongst us! Some people have even been known to publish Google pics of certain people's address/abode. Nah, I'll stick to a random nick thanks.