Thursday 22 July 2010

Would you buy a show bag from Jim Turnour?

Here's Leichhardt MP Jim Turnour, in full election mode, telling his stories to gain re-election at the 2010 Cairns Show today.
Make sure you take home a free free fridge magnet. They just might be a collector's piece one day.


KitchenSlut said...

Both stalls were absent the relative members today and staffed by persons unlikely to attract the centre undecided when I walked past today and perhaps rather deter!?

Such is the theme of regional shows and seriously the best art I have seen in Cairns for yonks was the kids entries in the novelty vegetable display section .... fantastic humour! The vegetable contestants easily outrated the fruits!

Maccas ok said...

Red wine obrien should be doing what he is paid to do .

And that is looking after the people of cook instead of running the gutter campaign for showbag turnour .

Why call him showbag well he is full of crap.

yk said...

It seems somehow appropriate for both Jim and Warren to be at the Show. But I got to thinking where their talents could best be utilised. I reckon Warren should be running the bar or maybe the animal enclosure. As for Jim - sideshows and Fairy Floss came to mind, but I think he could be used to best effect as a substitute for the sheep in the sheepdog trials.

Willesden Wally said...

When I moved to live in the City it never occurred to me that in order to reach the nearest shop to buy my "Australian" I would have to walk past the offices of our sitting Federal Member twice.

Once on the way there, once on the way back. I am increasingly consumed each day (Except Sunday) withan almost uncontrollable desire to throw a brick through the window.

So far my desire not to harm his generally pleasant staff, and my innate law-abiding nature have kept me in check.

My beef - Turnour has had a matter deserving of his attention
on his desk for six months and I have not even had an acknowledgement,let alone any answer. Silent one day - incompetent the next.

Leuco Gaster said...

So, Willesden, you've been walking past Jim's office for 6 months, fuming with anger but doing nothing? You really are a Wally!

Next time, try this:
1. Enter the office, smiling;
2. Or frowning, it's up to you;
3. Remind them of the "matter deserving of his attention";
4. Ask them why you haven't had a response;
5. I guarantee you'll get a polite, respectful reception - they don't bite!

Willesden Wally said...

Well, Leo, if you are too dim to read between the lines of my original
comments dont blame me. They are all sick of my smiling face in the
office, and the notes taken by the female staff would fill an
excercise book. I was only trying to make the point that our Federal
representative is about as much use as tits on a bull.I am yet to be
convinved that he actually exists. Have a good election.