Saturday 17 July 2010

Who dunit in Canberra?

On a bitterly cold Winter Canberra morning in late June, Kev is being chauffeured to Parliament House....

It is so cold that Lake Burley Griffin has frozen over.

As he jumps out of the Caprice, Kevvy looks over the lake and notices that someone has pissed on the ice and left a message..."Kevin Bloody Rudd SUCKS".

Kevvy is enraged & orders ASIO to investigate with "no expenses spared" and to report within two weeks.

Two weeks later, the head of ASIO reports to the PM and says...."our investigation is over and I have three pieces of news for you....good news, bad news and terribly bad shocking news".

“Well”, says Kevvy, “give me the good news”. The head of ASIO says..."We spent $5 million on the investigation and have come to a successful result".

“Well”, says Kevin, “what's the bad news?”

The head of ASIO says "The DNA testing shows the urine is Wayne Swann's". Kevin B Rudd is shocked beyond belief. Looking pale, Kevin says, “And what is the terribly bad shocking news?"

The ASIO chief replies...."It's Julia Gillard's hand writing"

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