Monday 19 July 2010

Kermit the State tropper spotted in Cairns

Henry Poyntz of Fosnez blog spotted this odd incarnation on Sheridan Street, across the road from Rusty's Markets.

It wasn't difficult to spot of course, made easier as Henry is taller than the average bear.

Beside the usual white fleet of police vehicles, we have a bright red highway patrol car, aimed to catche hoons on the southern and northern motorways, and those wankers who insist on using their fog lights to compensate for a small you-know-what.

This green car is attached to the State Traffic Support Group, a Brisbane-based squad who travel throughout the state. Acting Sergeant Russ Parker of the District Crime Prevention says it's used to assist Traffic Branch officers with specific operations.

"They were here during the school holiday period," Russ told CairnsBlog. "They have a small fleet of those very high visibility Highway Patrol vehicles to help create awareness wherever they go."

Suggestions for the next in the latest designer coloured Police squad cars, are welcome.

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FATFCOL said...

It is as green as jim turnours face at smithfield market last weekend. Why do you think they tapped him on the shoulder earlier this year. cheers and beers .