Friday 23 July 2010

Meet Larissa Waters, Queensland Greens Senate candidate

According to Larissa Waters, Queensland Greens Senate candidate in the upcoming Federal election, the Greens are the fastest growing political force in Australia.

"One million people voted for the Greens in 2007," she says. "This federal election will see the Greens expand representation in parliament."

"I will fight for a fair society and protection of Queensland’s unique environment. Vote to give Queenslanders who care about the future a voice," Larissa says, who is set to become the first Greens Senator for Queensland.

"This election the Greens have a great chance of getting a senator elected in Queensland," says Cairns Greens member, Denis Walls

"Please come along and tell your friends, colleagues and networks, and come along to meet Larissa on Tuesday evening."


CRAG said...

In the political ice cream parlor there is a choice of green red, blue
ice cream,but it all tastes the same as its made by the same producer but given coloring.

What we folk want is plain old fashioned vanilla,chocolate, strawberry, that has its own genuine taste, and is value for money.

:John: Babet Community Reformation Action Group (CRAG)

Rouser said...

And one that is full of nuts Mr Babet?

Syd Walker said...

Larissa Waters was superb at tonights meeting IMO.

She'll be an excellent addition to the Senate.

Anyone in FNQ who'd like to help the Greens ensure her election and support local candidates Neville St John-Wood and Jess Jones can get in contact with the candidates via the FNQ Greens campaign website.

Lillian at Yorkeys said...

Perhaps Mr. Babet is tuning up to enter the next MasterChef comp?

I wanted to go & see Larissa but couldn't last night. I hope she does another appearance.

However, what cheezus me off about Green & independent candidates, is that once an election is declared, they come out of the woodwork, & we have all of a couple of weeks to find out who they are & what they stand for, & if we want them to represent us for the next 3/4 years. Don't these people understand that to get the support & understanding of a population, they need to get out they way before an election is called & let themselves become known? A good example is Wazza Entsch - OK, he was known from his last incumbency, but he's been out there in the media for at least six months. Unlike Jack-In-The-Box Jim T.

Other problem is, that once an election has been run, Greens & independents then fade back into the woodwork - some of them never to have been heard of again. Like mosquitos, they fade away until the next rain comes.

Talking of which, where's Selwyn Johnston? He's usually running for something, somewhere. Perhaps he got run over by his anti-fluoride board? I sure miss those stacked-heel cowboy boots. Or perhaps he's making ice-cream with Mr. Babet in the tent?

smarty said...

syd anyone that votes green votes labor what a lot of wankers to do that, the deal is done you vote jim turnour if you vote green . cut the crap and if the greens run the senate blooming hell we will see more garbage policies.

Syd Walker said...

Hi smarty.

For the nth time, no, that's not the case. A vote for the Greens is not an automatic vote for Labor.

Quite possibly you know that. But others may be misled, so it may be worth going through this one more time.

People who wish to vote Green 1 can do so - then decide for themselves on the order of preferences after that.

Someone who wishes to Vote Green 1 but wants to make sure that whetever happens, their vote did not end up with Labor, has the means to do so.

That applies in both the House of Reps election and the Senate election. A voter who is confused can always seek the assistance of electoral commission staff on duty at polling booths. They are usually well-informed and helpful.

@ Lillian. You're absolutely right. The Greens need more active members with the stamina, commitment and teamwork to maintain a high level of party activity throughout the electoral cycle.

In some parts of the country that has happened already. Byron Bay, for instance, has had a Greens Party mayor for sometime. So has the Sydney municipality of Leichhardt. The Greens are poised to gain a number of House of Reps seat at this general election.

If you're attracted to Greens policies, why not join and help make that happen in FNQ as well?

KFC said...

Sadly smarty, your comments do not reflect your name. I really don't think you have a clue about it. Have you ever bothered to read anything more extensive than say, a Murdoch 'paper'? Do you know the policies of the Greens? As a disillusioned Labor voter I actually went to the meeting last night to find out. I can tell you it was quite illuminating. Guess you didn't go huh?

Bryan Law said...

Syd, since you're out there "truth-telling" about preferences, why don't you mention that 90% of voters vote above the line in the Senate, and for these voters their Greens vote automatically flows through to the ALP.

Which is not the worst sin in the world (10th or 11th worst more likely) but tends to indicate a technocrat element within the Greens that needs watching.

Likewise I note the assumption you make that joining the Greens will enable Lillian and anyone else to influence the conduct of the Party.

Sadly the Far North Greens have a long history of attacking and excluding activists, due to a power imbalance created and perpetuated by Jon Metcalf and Denis Walls.

My bet is they would attack and marginalise Lillian and anyone else who proposed greater Party activism. They've been doing that for more than a decade so far, and I haven't seen any indication that they plan to change their ways.

Hilary said...

The Macquarie Dictionary online defines an activist (noun) as a "zealous worker for a cause, especially a political cause" Given that Jon Metcalfe and Denis Walls have worked tirelessly over the last 18 years to provide alternate candidates for people to vote for in state and federal elections, does this not make them activists?

The Far North Greens branch works to provide voters with opportunities to vote for candidates in four state seats (Cook, Barron River, Cairns and Mulgrave) and two vast federal seats (Kennedy and Leichhardt). To keep this going year after year requires sustained commitment, dedication and energy. This is a real and consistent form of active-ism.

Dr Una Stephenson said...

Brian Law is again acting like the man who complains about the supposedly dirty dishes while the house is on fire.

This is no time to replay old personal antagonisms when Tony Abbott lurks in the wings.

This is time wasting, energy depleting nonsense

Una Stephenson

Steven Nowakowski said...

The Greens membership in Far North Queensland voted against the membership application of Bryan Law many years ago. Nothing has changed and I doubt he would get the numbers today if he decided to re-join.

Blaming Metcalfe or Walls for Bryans Law's exclusion to The Greens is simplistic and wrong.

Sarah Isaacs said...

Anybody who agrees with Greens policies and will comply with the basic rules of conduct is welcome to join FNQ Greens- please prove Bryan wrong by applying to join now! See

You will find the FNQ Greens meetings full of diverse people brought together by a passion for protecting the incredible biodiversity of this region, social justice and yes, grassroots democracy.

Indeed I have found there is great potential to participate to a large extent with decision making at all levels.

And I believe that both Jon and Denis would be delighted to see our membership soar- and have more people to help with the heavy workload that they and others carry.