Tuesday 27 July 2010

Julia Gillard on her own tax policy

Here's Julia Gillard this morning on Alan Jones' radio show, getting rather confused about the her own tax policy. (or MP3 download here.)


Peter Beattie said...


Geez all the press are reporting Laurie Oakes scoop into internal confidential cabinet discussions against my fave ranger! I can't help but wonder who leaked it .... i mean .... who would have a motive?

OK I know Ruddy has a reputation with Oakesy and being a leaking media tart backstabbing bitch but hey ... there's a deal been done and in our pristine union cunture i mean culture ... such a rat will be burned because thats what we do! Hate matters in our party!

So what if Ruddy's campaign posters don't show any ALP logo Entsch got away with it!?

Still as i always say "if you can't govern yourself you can't govern the country"?

Syd Walker said...

I think this is utter trivia. Who cares if across all the many portfolios of which the PM nust keep abreast, she makes one small mistake about timing on tax policy.

Alan Jones can set up an ambush - and Julia Gillard is not infallible. Neither would be news to most people.

What we need in political leaders is not superhuman qualities. We need human wisdom, compassion and the ability to inspire and lead.

What we need in journalists is not exemplified by Alan Jones.

Paul Langbroek said...

Someone actually was listening to Allan Jones? His rancid little show is Sydney's equivalent to our own 'Rugnut on the Radio' here in Cairns. And 'Peter Beattie', WTF are you going on about?

Peter Beattie said...

Langbroek .... you seriously dont understand what I am on about? I think the general commentary is somewhat transparent but perhaps you are too obtuse?

Mate ... as we may say in the ALP .... which rock do you live under?

And you ... oops i mean we ... expect to be trusted with policy? Well sometimes and only puts a lolly limit on the tuckshop account?!

P.S: Geez did ya see Julia in the Weekly fuck she was hotter than that other left wong .... oops i mean wing ... party bimbo!

JWT said...

Gillard took talking and memory lessons from jim turnour HHHAAAAA