Thursday 15 July 2010

Thank god there's not a surplus of Tony Abbotts

"If elected I will bring the budget back into a stronger deficit position..."
-Tony Abbott, 7pm Project, Channel 10. 15th July 2010


Wade said...

Gday might like to mention that he did correct himself almost immeadiatley...

also check out Labors website -
Is Jimmy running for Kennedy ??? ha!

Stuey Traill said...

If Abbott was prime minister unemployment in the construction industry would have sky rocketed.
Without the stimulus spend in Construction the local industry would have been decimated.
Credit where credit is due.

Wade said...

ZZzzzzzz @ stuey

Union propaganda

Thaddeus said...

Abbott is the prick who cut Health spending, jacked up HECS fees etc causing all Australian States having to import Doctors from all over the world. Which gave us here in Queensland, one Dr (Death) Patel. If it hadn't been for the miserly penny pinching Howard Government, we would have had our OWN Doctors, not having to import some mad one.

Unknown said...

not union propaganda Wade, ask anyone in the construction industry... the school halls program saved thousands of jobs, including many locally that I know personally.

A person still with a job said...

Wade shows his lack of understanding of economic issues by stupid posts. Good one Wade. Go zzzzz yourself.

Wade said...

at what cost ????? massive rorts - and i can tell you from personal experience it is not the tradie on the tools getting the money!

also - Stuey is a union "organiser" / aspring labor MP so i doubt very much he would ever say anything postive and sincere about the coalition.

Alison Alloway said...

Wade, yes there were "rorts". The home insulation program, which was unique in our history, witnessed several things:-

1. People put their absolute trust and faith in the installers because it was "Government" backed.
(Householders generally did not research the issue like I did....and I ultimately decided NOT to take advantage of the offer. No, I do not trust all Government policies or schemes!)

2. The scheme saw rorting on an unprecedented scale (yes, I know there are ethical installers out there as well!).

3. The people then blamed the "Government" not the shonky installers who fleeced the taxpayers.

I hope political paerties learn from this...the Australian public have become passive consumers very quick to attribute blame for their own lack of smarts and that there is a significant section of private enterprise which will screw the Government of the day for what they can.

Stuey Traill said...

You are a deadset dill mate, fair dinkum construction workers know that the Stimulus package created jobs that this area was desperate for.
Without it a heap of tradies would not have been getting paid every week during the construction downturn.
Yes I am a Union Organiser but No I am not an aspiring politician.
Anybody that knows me is aware that I am critical of bad laws and bad political decisions regardless of the side of politics thats why you won't see me involved in the upcoming Federal election campaign.
Labor still have a heap to do but the Coalition have nothing decent to deliver to Australian workers and their families.

jims mate said...

ooooommmaaaahhh stuey sounds like you are reneging on your non support jim pledge. we are watching you.

Wade said...

@ Stuey - you have proved me correct. You are really gunning for your preselection - you have a few years more sucking till the state election but i have no doubt you can keep your dribble going. You will fit in well with your labor colleagues.
also - What is a fair dinkum construction worker?

Stuey Traill said...

Hate to disappoint you Wade but sucking is not my game and never has been.
The ETU and myself are no friends of the State ALP over our stance on asset sales, the last thing I would ever want is to hang around the State ALP members. They are a bunch of sellouts with no principles and stuff all credibility in the eyes of the punters.