Wednesday 28 July 2010

Challenging year ahead for Cairns

Cairns Region has been experiencing a great start to the financial year, Vlasta Eriksson of Signature Staff says.

"Four new flights from Taiwan and the national school holidays increased the tourist numbers into our region which was well received by local business," says Vlasta Eriksson. "Hospitality and Tourism industries are enjoying the influx of dollar coming through much needed boost to our struggling economy."

"The construction industry on the other hand has not been so lucky still struggling and it doesn’t look like it will picking up for a while. Commercial, Mining, Financial Services are also on steady rise," Vlasta says.

"Cairns has recorded 8.9% unemployment for June and should be dropping further in the next few months."

Vlasta says that employers have been challenged with new legislation coming into the 2011 financial year.

"Federal wage increase has been fairly confusing for most SME due to number of Modern Awards being in the transition period," Vlasta Eriksson says. "ATO has made a new ruling with regards to the Salary Sacrifice being recorded on the payment summaries for last financial year. And not to mention Modern Awards are still is a state of confusion for most employers."

"WHSQ is slowly getting through auditing all medium size business, so if you are a business and declared over one million but less then ten million in workcover for the financial year 2009 your turn is coming."

If you’re finding it just too much to take in and would like some assistance, Signature Staff are offering Employer Coaching Program, covering recruitment, employment process, and employment procedures and policies.

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Unknown said...

Why is it dropping??

Wonder if it has anything to do with the number of people leaving town to find work...

Do they think we are all so stupid!

Clifton Beach