Thursday 22 July 2010

ABC News 24 debuts tonight

A 24 hour news channel will be launched by the ABC tonight at 7:30pm.

ABC News 24 will include new programs developed specifically for the channel, focusing on world news, national politics and business, including Afternoon Live at 3pm, The Drum at 6pm and The World at 9pm. Lateline, The 7:30 Report and Four Corners, will also be presented.

The new service will broadcast on the web, mobiles and on channel 24 nationally, and will replace ABC HD. Simply do a rescan on your digital TV recorder or set top box, however your hardware must be HD.

The service will be continuous and commercial-free, with live news coverage of breaking stories, broadcast from a new state-of-the-art studio at ABC's Ultimo headquarters in Sydney. Journalists include Jim Middleton, Annabel Crabb, Insiders and Offsiders anchor Barrie Cassidy, AM host Tony Eastley and ABC Radio National’s breakfast presenter Fran Kelly. Foreign affairs editor Peter Cave will also contribute.

Mobile application IceTV will provide a TV Guide for their iPhone app


Syd Walker said...

I have mixed feelings about this.

On the one hand, at least News Corp won't have a complete monopoly over 24x7 Australian TV news from today. That's a positive.

On the other hand, we shall presumably be delivered another flavour of round-the-clock Zionist-lite news coverage - this one entirely at the public's expense. That's a negative.

It's not as though we don't know what that perspective is already. We already have it rammed down our throats on every other available channel.

There's a ratio I keep a eye on, which I'll the Is:Ir ration. That's the number of times a news organisation interviews a representative of the Israeli Government, compared with the number of times a representative of the Iranian Government is interviewed.

In the case of ABC-1, I estimate the ratio to be in the order of 100:1. To be blunt, I can't remember the last time an Iranian Government representative was interviewed by the ABC.

That, of course, is consistent with the Zionist push to demonize Iran and start YET ANOTHER war in the middle east against a country that stands up to the war-crazy Israeli regime.

Needless to say, stories such as the miraculous collapse of a 47-story tower block at virtual free fall velocity within its own footprint - a story CairnsBlog managed to cover - are completely absent from the ABC. Nothing must get in the way of terrifying the masses about so-called 'Islamic terrorism'. Nothing must be allowed to expose that as a partisan project based on a pack of rather obvious lies!

It's not journalism. It's PR. Actually it's worse that PR masquerading as journalism.

Systematic misreporting for the purpose of procuring public support for war is tantamount to a war crime, IMO.

Paul said...

Agree with Syd. ABC and SBS are pure propaganda disseminators. The best example is the ABC's determination to squish in a climate change reference, no matter how tenuous the link, in every News bulletin. Repetition, repetition.

Leuco Gaster said...

Well, fancy that! A huge building suddenly collapses, the BBC knew in advance, and the ABC doesn't want to talk about it - the scale of this amazing international conspiracy is breathtaking!

I bet those sneaky Israelis are behind it. Just think of the thousands of people who must be in on this - it's too incredible to believe.

Unless you're Syd Walker, that is - have you been eating magic mushrooms, Syd?

Syd Walker said...

"A huge building suddenly collapses, the BBC knew in advance, and the ABC doesn't want to talk about it".

That is absolutely accurate Leuco, as the Nov 2007 article in CairnsBlog explained.

It has references; anyone can check out the facts for themselves. Even you.

ON September 11th 2001, at approx 5pm local time, World Trade Center 7 - a 47-storey steel-framed concerte building - collapsed in its own footprint at virtual free-fall velocity.

The only time such a collapse has occured in history - before or after - is when high explosives have been used to effect a controlled demolition.

Despite that, the US Government claims the collapse of WTC-7 was caused by fire alone.

The BBC reported the unprecedented collapse half an hour before it happened.

Australia's ABC refuses to talk about it at all.

Your point is?

Ah, I see. You're worried that Arab extremists might not be successfully blamed for 9-11 after all?

You're concerned it may not be possible to maintain the myth that 'Islamic extremists' caused the collapse of skyscrapers that were leased at the time by Jewish Zionist Larry Silverstein, in association with ex-Zionist commando Frank Lowy of Westfield fame?

If I was an apologist for Israel, I'd be worried too. The game is just about up!

Mat Moloney (via Facebook) said...

Great. Tax payer funded leftist propaganda 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Yangtzee said...

It's all those nasty 'Lefties' on the ABC Board Mat Maloney:
* Mark Scott - Managing Director, appointed 5 July 2006[7]
* Maurice Newman AC – Chairperson, appointed 1 January 2007[7]
* Janet Albrechtsen – appointed 24 February 2005[7]
* Steven Skala – appointed 6 October 2005[7]
* Peter Hurley – appointed 14 June 2006[7]
* Keith Windschuttle – appointed 14 June 2006[7]
Note that they were mostly appointed by your mate John HoWARd.

Try opening your other eye. It might help you get some balance.