Monday 5 July 2010

Raj Patel starts blogging

Under the creed "no propaganda, just truth," waterslide campaigner and local printing business owner, Raj Patel, has started his own blog.

There are now 24 active blogs in the region. An complete list, showing the most recent postings, can be found in the right-hand sidebar of CairnsBlog.


CBD Warrior said...

Raj is one of Mackenzie's hillbillies. Go somewhere else if you're looking for something literate.

Smithfield Sam said...

Raj must have a corner on the "truth", because so far he's refusing to publish any comments made to his blog.

I. M. Surten said...

I haven't looked at this person's blog and probably won't agree with his politics if I did, but as far as refusing to publish comments are concerned, you must be joking Smithfield Sam. Just look at some of the rancid, nasty ill informed crap from the armchair geniuses who wouldn't know what public debate was if it bit them on the arse that gets published as 'comments' on this blog from time to time. I know I would never bother to publish either.

John said...

Another armchair genius indeed.
Take a look at his dirty, untidy, rundown printing operation in Florence Street and then tell me whether you would let him near any public asset, let along one that requires the highest safety and engineering standards.

Smithfield Sam said...

Apparently reeling from the realisation that he can't string two English sentences together, the "Raj Blog" is now just publishing various crap from around the 'net.

He still continues his "guest hillbilly shot" on the Wigboy show.