Friday 16 July 2010

Australian Federal election will be announced this weekend

It's now extremely likely that Julia Gillard will call an election on Saturday or Sunday, with odds on for a August 28th date, making for a six week campaign.

Gillard has a speech booked for Sunday morning in Brisbane, where she will also meet with Governor-General Quentin Bryce as part of the formalities to ask for an election to be called.

Darwin-based Liberal political commentator, John Robinson, says there's been a clear shift in recent days on government spin.

"In every press release and announcement it used to be the 'Rudd Labor Government' but now it's just the 'Gillard Government' or the 'Australian Government'," Robinson says. "Its seems we are taking Labor out of the out-of-control spin."

The volume of now daily media releases coming out from local Labor politicians and others candidates, is almost over-whelming. Much of it will never make an appearance anywhere. Hold onto your horses, we'll all be seeing a lot more of this in the next month.


Paul Drabble (via Facebook) said...

date to be set at august 28th they saying

wildrivers said...

When is turnour going to debate entsch ?
I can't wait to see jim go to pieces.

Tom said...

Jim will need to distance himself or else wear a full face mask to protect himself from the infamous Entsch spittle spray.

KitchenSlut said...

The media election cyclone appears to be whirling and tribalism rules in comments! Prehistoric evolution still cannot be overcome!

Frankly I don't think there has been a more insignificant election in my conscious lifetime in terms of outcomes and policy. Albeit some may consider the meaning of consciousness in Kitchensluts life given his vino intake!

At least last time when Rudd did his Fiscal-Conservative-Howard-Lite there was a sense of generational change at least.

Now we have just chanting tribes with depth of sound and tone somewhat lacking. No link but a recent reading pointed out just how unstable the Australian polity has become in some respects. In the last 4 years there have been 3 leaders of the ALP including a first term sitting PM skewered. In the same period there have been 4 coalition leaders.

We may have survived the GFC as the envy of the western world but hubris and complacency are not sound foundations with a shallow polity in apparrent disarray .....