Monday 5 July 2010

Community briefing this Wednesday for Sugarworld Waterslides feasibility study

A community briefing will be held on Wednesday to provide information on the feasibility study for the rebuilding of the Edmonton Sugarworld Watersides.

SGL Consulting Group has been appointed to undertake the feasibility study into Sugarworld Waterpark, as part of the $4.1m rebuilding project. Councillor Pyne's rescission motion failed to sufficient support, which would have allowed the reconstruction to commence before Christmas.

The feasibility study briefing will present the project team and methodology, and will be held in at Barlow Park, off Scott Street, this Wednesday at 5.30pm.

SGL Consulting want to commence the study as soon as possible, due to the tight reporting deadline of September 30th back to Cairns Regional Council.

This week's community briefing, that will provide the opportunity for questions, is the first step in the community engagement program.

Council have said that given the significant capital investment required to renew the waterslides, particular consideration must be given to its long term sustainability. The benchmark option will be to build a "like-for-like" replacement of the existing waterslides, along with
other options based on market analysis, research and consultation with the community. The fesibility study will cover...

  • - Review historical information;
    - Research contemporary water leisure parks and those suitable for the Cairns area;
    - Research proposed and existing competitor facilities;
    - Undertake all matters relating to community engagement, including (but not limited to)
    communication (print, mail, telephone), meeting organisation and display of material
    throughout consultation;
    - Take, compile and record all minutes from meetings or engagement. The minutes shall
    clearly identify name, title, organisation of attendees, actions agreements and outcome of
    meeting. This information shall be included as part of the report.
    - Undertake thorough and appropriate community engagement in a highly emotional
    - Deliver concept designs;
    - Arrange and provide Quantity Surveyor (QS) estimates of cost of constructing each
    option; and
    - Produce quality reports to clearly and fully inform all stakeholders including the

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