Thursday 22 July 2010

Warren Entsch scares the kiddies at Cairns Show

And then there was Wazza.

This one almost deserves a caption contest... It looks as though Warren is a great supporter of paid maternity leave, but wasn't that a Rudd policy?

Needless to say, this election race is a battle of the minds. Who ya gunna vote for?


Fat Green said...

Hey Mike, I'm getting fat too, you leave us fatties alone...oh BTW Vote 1 The Greens

Cocerned for Wazza's Health said...

Geez - Wazza has added some kilos since I last saw him. Waz - no good for the health. Off the carbs mate, start walking. I don't want to vote for you, & then have you in the Cairns Base with a heart attack.
Also - grow back the mo - looked much better.

CRAG said...

A old political retread

A new political yes man

A naive green lady

lets focus on the Independents

which one is genuine ?

which one has a Community "Vision" ?

:John: Babet Community Reformation Action Group (CRAG)