Wednesday 14 July 2010

Sam Powers shows off in style at the Cairns lagoon

He may dream of Jerry Seinfeld and Derren Brown, but if you were lucky enough over the weekend, you may have spotted resident magician Sam Powers floating around at the Cairns Esplanade lagoon on the weekend.

Sam was there for his latest photo shoot, performing a new levitation with his assistant, alongside the beautiful lagoon swimming pool. He had to contend with an impromptu audience watching on as he levitated his assistant with no stage to hide behind. The result, was simply stunning.

Powers is a full-time illusionist and performed internationally for the last 15 years, but has made Cairns home.

He's proud to have raised $2 million for numerous charities including Animals Australia, that campaigns against battery hen farms and factory-farmed pigs. Powers also supports Guide Dogs, and is their 2010 Ambassador.

Sam's Xtreme Illusions show runs every week, Monday through Saturday at the Reef Casino Hotel, is now one of the longest running live illusion shows in the country. It's just magic.

PS: If that's not enough, Sam has also just opened up magic shop in the Night Markets on the Esplanade.
PPS: Photographer Peter Brown, took the amazing photo.


Ronrico said...

Are you sure that is not Blakey in the photo? There are uncanny similarities going on here...

Unknown said...

Hey Mike - can we give credit to local photographer Peter Brown for the stunning photo? thanks, Lucy ;-)