Monday 12 July 2010

Queensland - not for sale! - Jim Turnour

Surely this can't be our faithful member for Leichhardt, Jim Turnour, proudly waving around a "Queensland - Not Fore Sale" balloon around?

Did he have permission from Premier Bligh? What would new found friend, Julia Gilliard have to say? Maybe it's just because it matched his shirt and felt right.

Jim was at Fogarty Park celebrating NAIDOC Week, where he announced a $200,000 grant for AFL Cape York for school holiday programs in Indigenous communities.


colin riddell said...

The day stuey traill held the protest meeting outside desley boils office I attended to show my support of the issue.
I then went to jims office and complained he had been silent on the issue to his staffers, they said he was he was in Canberra.
He rang me that night .
I said because it is against labor party policy he should say that to support stuey and the unionists.
I asked him to protest against to his state mates , he replied I will not bag my fellow labor state counterparts or words to that affect, now with an election looming he kisses the baby . He is a disgrace.

Unknown said...

take a breath colin or you will hyperventilate, he's holding a balloon... I had a BP logo balloon the other day, didn't mean that I support their oil spill efforts... it's a balloon

Smithfield Sam said...

$200K for 'school holiday programs in the Cape"?

Most of those people don't go to school. How will they know when the holiday has arrived?

colin riddell said...

Nice try wiki your boy stuffed up hhaaaaaaaaaa

yk said...

Truth in advertising!!!! Of course Queensland is for sale; just ask Gordon Nuttall and God knows how many other politions and public servants.

Splattered Matter said...

"Nice try wiki your boy stuffed up hhaaaaaaaaaa" WTF? Brain finally exploded Col?