Tuesday 20 July 2010

Your local Cairns and FNQ media contacts

CairnsBlog is here to serve you. I often get requests for other local media contacts, usually from those that confuse that I'm part of the 'media establishment'!

Nevertheless, if you explore around the CairnsBlog site, you'll discover a lot of tasty treats. In the right-hand sidebar, you'll find a lot of helpful local information, including the number for your favourite councillor or MP.

Here's the full list of local media that includes radio, TV and print. You might want to print this out and stick on the fridge, or another household appliance. Avoid children under six-years-old though. If you spot an error or an addition, please email Media@CairnsBlog.net, and you'll be rewarded with a chocolate fish.

CairnsBlog also provides a service if you'd like to get a media statement out to all regional news desks. Drop me an email if you'd like more information.


Carl Portella, Mareeba Express said...

Hi Michael, Just thought i would drop you a line regarding our inclusion into your media contact list.

The Mareeba Express is a locally owned and operated community newspaper with a 9,000 distribution to Mareeba ,it’s districts and the Gulf.

3/159 Walsh Street
PO Box 2243.
Mareeba, Qld 4880.
P. 0740 923464 /F. 0740 926346
E. carl@mareebaexpress.com

Roisin said...

There is also The FNQ Independent (weekly newspaper/printed media):
and Newsport (web news):