Monday 19 July 2010

$8.2 billion for another Brisbane project from Labor

Anthony Albanese was quoted in the Brisbane Times saying that Labor “supports” the $8.2 billion Brisbane cross-river rail project.

Labor has little money left in the nation’s cookie jar, with only $705 million left unallocated in the Building Australia Fund.

Senator Barnaby Joyce, shadow minister for infrastructure, says he's interested to know exactly what this "support" means.

“Labor has wasted most of their $90 billion stimulus, investing it in insulation and over priced school halls. They only spent 14% of this amount on economic infrastructure," Barnaby Joyce says. "In 2008, Labor promised to establish a $20 billion infrastructure fund. It only received $10.9 billion due to Labor’s wasteful and reckless spending and the money the fund did receive came from the Coalition’s last budget surplus ($7.5 billion), money ripped out from funds to deliver broadband in the bush ($2.5 billion) and the sale of Telstra ($1 billion)."

“So we are left with half the infrastructure promised but with $150 billion gross debt. Same old Labor: double the announcement with half the value,” Barnaby Joyce says.

"This is just more evidence that Labor can’t manage the nation’s finances."

Local musician Rob Williams says the Labor Party has been like this for 20 years.

"Kevin Rudd was like this when he surrounded himself with shinny bums in the Queensland Health Department while Ambulances were left to ramp and patients languish in them waiting for emergency service, a situation that still exists," Williams says.

He says Labour believes a cyclone plan is irrelevant.

"The Labor Party has been a catastrophe for Australians living in fear of their houses going up in smoke due to faulty insulation. Anna Bligh raided the Queensland Casino Benefits Fund recently, of $18 million (a charitable fund set up for needy arts and enjoyment of the people) to give to people to install solar panels. How discriminatory is that?"

"Bligh spent $6 million to destroy a 100-year-old heritage waterfront Yacht building in the face of an hostile petition of 18,000 locals in Cairns. There is nothing sacred to these atheists," Rob Williams says. "The Federal Labor Party has promised $45 million towards building a cultural centre in Cairns against the wishes of the ratepayers."

"Tony Abbott proposed the solution to the people smuggler fiasco by using Nauru. They Nauruians agree to accept them, but the redheaded PM insists on going on a wild goose chase and not accept the advice of Tony."

"Irrational women in Parliament. Does the term 'menopause' mean anything to anyone? It really is significant that Swan and Tanner are pulling out, who would want to keep working with a flea brain like that?" Rob Willaims asks.


Doug John Sainsbury (via Facebook) said...

Oooo. More building projects, more room for employment... Progress.... :\ That's how you fuck up the land society. Keep on building.

PaulB said...

"There is nothing sacred to these atheists,"

ATHEISTS?? What kind of statement is that?

Robbie I thought you were a "Better Man".

Ailie said...

Agree with the aethiest comments, wtf has that got to do with anything?! And not to mention the irrational women/menopause comment, that's just downright sexist and has basically put me off everything the man has just said. Most politicians are irrational, their sex has nothing to do with it and neither does their religion, unless it is being used as part of policy creation.